Victims of Forest Monster: Gambler (Raped by tentacles)


The tentacles of the forest deserve a little more respect, and this bunny bitch will understand that the hard way. In Victims of Forest Monster: Gambler, it comes down to a speed duel. The bunny seems to be drunk, but pretty quick with their attacks, and we must damage her armor while protecting us.
The mechanics are more or less similar to other games. Attacks of this bitch come represented by circles that increase in size, and you have to block them before they hit you and remove your health. Meanwhile, your attacks must be properly coordinated. If you hit her very often without power, that makes the defense more complicated.
Once you win, it only remains to claim the body of this bitch. Mouth, breasts, vagina and ass become your playground. The next time she’ll think twice before mistreating a monster full of tentacles, unless she want to end raped in the forest


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