Blue JellyFish of Forest – Raped by tentacles


Blue JellyFish of Forest is a very fun and original hentai game, that escape conventions. In Blue JellyFish of Forest you play with a monster tentacle who must fight, win and then outrage and penetrate each and every one of the beautiful heroines of the game. Hentai and tentacles for all! Five are the whores to violate with your phallic tentacles. Of course, none of them will go without a fight. They are deluded into believing that they can defeat you! MUAHAHAHA!
The fights in Blue JellyFish of Forest are fun! Your goal is to end the life of the fighter, while you block his punches and to not be the one who falls. But beware! You have limited energy, and if you abuse the mouse button, it will decrease your power and your shots will be weak or, worse, you will be not able to stop enemy attacks. Use your tentacles wisely!
This version of Blue JellyFish of Forest is already completed, so you can go straight to the scenes of rape if you click on the girls in the home screen. Although we recommend playing the battles, because they are so much fun!


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